The Flintstones

Dodo Birds are species of plump flightless birds which existed during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones. They were an important part of the Stone Age diet among cavemen and were harvested for their meat and eggs and were also a target for avid wild game hunters.


Dodo birds

The mother, father and baby dodos with Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm crying from the comic story, "Dodo A-Go-Go".

Dodos were plump fat birds with large curved yellow beaks. They came in at least two known sizes, with some Dodos being only half the size of a caveman or smaller while others were gigantic and almost as big as a prehistoric log plane.

Giant Dodos also had crests like a pterodactyl and the ability to fly, although they tired out easily. Smaller Dodos were more bird-like and occasionally a bit smarter, although they were often regarded as very dumb creatures by cavemen. Dodos came in a variety of colors, such as blue, purple and red. A few also had colored beaks.


Unlike other prehistoric animals, dodos had little use as appliances and were only used as food. However the chatty Doozy Dodos could make for decent speakers and at least one functioned as a decent motor alongside a mouseasaurus in "Mr. Big".

Culinary Uses[]

Dodo Egg card

Dodo Eggs were a regular staple of every caveman's diet.

Dodos were mainly bred and hunted for their drumsticks and their eggs, which could come in a large variety of sizes, from the size of a caveman's head to the size of a caveman's whole body, making dodo eggs a truly scrumptious and filling food. Although, dodo products could be substituted with chickenasaurus and pterodactyl products (although pterodactyl drumsticks and roasts were more popular). The varying sizes of a Dodo allowed for their meat and eggs to come in a variety of sizes, truly making them the ultimate and versatile poultry dish, and unlike pterodactyls, cooking time for dodo eggs was far less strenuous, only taking around 3 hours to boil unlike a pterodactyl egg which could take a whole day or more.


Doozy Dodos[]

Doozy Dodo

A Doozy Dodo.

There existed a smaller and more dimwitted breed of purple dodo bird called a Doozy Dodo, which looked much like regular dodos but with no colored tips on their beaks, black tail feathers and a black ruff around their necks. They were unique in that they were capable of speech much like a parrotsaurus, although they were not as intelligent as parrotsauruses, although they could make for decent loud speakers.

Fred and Wilma briefly acquired one such bird in "The Buffalo Convention" who Wilma simply called "Doozy" and who caused Fred no end of grief, forcing him to try and get rid of the bird by any means necessary but somehow kept returning to ruin his day.





  • Regular dodo birds were rarely seen but frequently mentioned in the original series and sequel media during the original run by Hanna-Barbera, with the exception of two episodes and a small handful of comics appearances, years prior to the decline of Hanna-Barbera and the death of The Flintstones creators, Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera.