Dinopeptic Germs are a species of germs which existed during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones appearing only in the episode "The X-Ray Story" as a one-time character. They primarily targeted dinosaurs, including Dino for example, and could give them cold-like symptoms.


Dinopeptic Germs were furry green germs with spring-like bodies. When they infected a dinosaur, they would make their way to the ribcage and remain there for a few days, giving the dinosaur "Dinopeptitis" which resulted in loss of stamina, fatigue, pale skin and cold-like symptoms. Dinopeptitis was not lethal to dinosaurs and could easily be cured by simply allowing the dinosaur to rest for a few days.

Dinopeptic Germs only rarely affected humans, but unlike with dinosaurs, Dinopeptitis was lethal to humans. The only way to cure a human of Dinopeptitis was to keep them awake and active for 72 hours as the germ could only attack when the victim was asleep, and if the victim didn't sleep, the germ konked out from frustration.

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