The Flintstones: Dino Dreams ABC's is a 1994 book about the letters of the alphabet for young children with Dino.


After Fred chases him out of the house, Dino settles down to sleep and dreams through the ABCs, wishing he could be somebody else; an Astronaut, a big league Baseball player, or maybe a Cowboy, then certainly Fred would let him sleep inside.


Letters (as Dino's Dream Jobs)

This book contains only 25 letters with Dino's dream jobs, excluding "Z" at the end.

  • Astronaut (A)
  • Baseball Player (B)
  • Cowboy (C)
  • Dentist (D)
  • Engineer (E)
  • Fireman (F)
  • Gardener (G)
  • Hockey Player (H)
  • Ice-Skating Champion (I)
  • Jockey (J)
  • King (K)
  • Lifeguard (L)
  • Movie Star (M)
  • News Reporter (N)
  • Oboe Player (O)
  • President (P)
  • Quarterback (Q)
  • Rock Star (R)
  • Sailor (S)
  • Tugboat Captain (T)
  • Umpire (U)
  • Viking (V)
  • Wizard (W)
  • Xylophone Player (X)
  • Yo-Yo Champ (Y)
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