The Flintstones
The Flintstones

Clamasauruses (or simply Clams) are species of prehistoric bivalves which existed during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones.


Unlike their modern counterparts, the modern stone age clamasaurus had a dinosaur-like head (occasionally with tiny arms) and was very temperamental. Otherwise their shell looked much like their modern counterpart but would vary in size, from being no bigger than a caveman's hand to being big enough to swallow a caveman whole.

Breeds & Relatives

Giant Clamasaurus

Giant Clamasauruses are the largest of clamasauruses, big enough to swallow a caveman or small dinosaur whole, making them an underwater hazard. So one should be cautious when ordering one for dinner at a seafood restaurant, otherwise the eater may end up being the eaten.


Oystersauruses are a relative of the clamasaurus with a thicker shell and the ability to produce pearls more often, which are highly valued as jewelry in the modern stone age.


Clamasauruses along with oystersaurus (or more usually just their shells) could be used for all manner of things in modern stone age society. With their shells being used for decorations, chairs, coverings, caps, dishware, microphones, satellite dishes, safes, safety razors, and much more. Meanwhile oystersaus pearls were enjoyed as both jewelry and as decorations among the rich as seen in "Kleptomaniac Pebbles" and "The Rolls Rock Caper".


However the function in which clamasaurus shells enjoyed most frequent use was as money, with the smallest of clamasaurus shells being used in place of dollar slabs and rock coins at times and were simply called Clams, with values ranging from $5 to $100 clams.

Culinary Uses

Clamasauruses and oystersauruses could be eaten, usually steamed. However if not cooked right, one would end up with a furious clamasaurus in a very steamed mood.