Cavemouse is a mouseasaurus, a house pest and one of the main characters of the Dino and Cavemouse segments, featured in The Flintstone Comedy Show, a spin-off of the original series, The Flintstones.


Cavemouse is a pesky, sneaky, tricky, and mischievous little mouse who constantly gets into trouble, steals food from Fred's house and gets chased, but caught by Dino in these shenanigans, misadventures and antics.

Physical Appearance

Cavemouse is a little mouse with gray fur on the top of his face and ears, three black hair strands on the top of his head, thick black eyebrows, a light gray muzzle and fur on the inside of his ears, whiskers on his face, a black nose and a tail. He wears a gold and orange-spotted loin-cloth.



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