Carry on Nurse Fred
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The Flintstones (1960)



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Original airdate

March 1, 1963

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Written by

Warren Foster
Michael Maltese
Arthur Phillips

"Carry on Nurse Fred" is the twenty-fourth episode of the third season of The Flintstones. It first aired on March 1, 1963.


Fred and Wilma return home with their new daughter, Pebbles. However, no sooner do they arrive, they are greeted by a domineering nurse who has been sent by Wilma's mother to look after Fred and Wilma while she recovers. Fred takes an instant disliking to the nurse, named Miss Frightingshale, who chucks out some flowers Barney had won for Pebbles, and even chucks Betty and Barney out of the house.

After reading up on how to take care of a baby, Fred fires Miss Frightingshale, much to Wilma's anger, and takes over her job. However, Fred soon becomes exhausted with taking care of Pebbles and doing the housework. When he leaves Pebbles on top of the laundry basket where Wilma finds her, and the basket is taken away by a laundry man, Fred panics, thinking he took Pebbles too. He takes off after the truck, stealing a policeman's motorcycle in the process. Fred bursts into the laundry and dives into the machine to find Pebbles.

Later, at home, Fred lets out an almighty sneeze, prompting Miss Frightingshale to walk in. She picks Fred up and says she's going to put him (and his germs) in the garage despite Fred's protests.

Miss Frightingshale's Rules

No. 1 - "No smoking in the same house with the baby".

No. 2 - "No flowers. Anything that might come in contact with this baby must be sterilized".

No. 3 - "No visitors".

No. 4 - (After catching Fred playing with Pebbles) - "Put her down till I say different".

No. 5 - (After being fired by Fred) - "I never stay where I'm not wanted".

No. 6 - (After being rehired) - "The baby will be quarantined from all contagious adults".


Fred: (After Wilma starts feeding Pebbles to stop her from crying) "All that noise because she was hungry?"

Wilma: "Ever here yourself when you're dinner's ten minutes late, Fred?" 

Barney: "What's up?"

Fred: "What's up?! Any more interference from that domineering loudmouth female brontosaurus, and she'll be what's up! Wham! Right into space".

Barney: "Oh, Wilma's mother's back".

Fred:  "Of course not. I'm talking about that antiseptic refugee from the psycho ward. The nurse, Miss Frightingshale".

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