Captain CAVEMAN!
―Captain Caveman's catchphrase.

Captain Caveman is a fictional superhero and one of the main characters of The Flintstone Comedy Show, The Flintstone Kids, and Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs, the three spin-offs of the original series, The Flintstones.


Captain Caveman was the world's first superhero thousands of years ago in the past, using various club shaped gadgets to help him out. In The Flintstone Comedy Show within his early days, he had the secret identity of Chester, an office boy, where he worked at the Daily Granite in Bedrock with reporters, Wilma and Betty and his boss, Lou Granite for a time.

In the segments, Captain Caveman and Son featured in The Flintstone Kids, he also appeared in a TV show that young Wilma Slaghoople and Betty McBricker along with their childhood friends Freddy Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Philo Quartz would watch, suggesting that these adventures were in separate continuities.


Captain Caveman has a strong sense of justice and is always enthusiastic to help fight evil and do good, usually after shouting his own name in a dramatic fashion.

Physical Appearance

Captain Caveman is an oval-shaped caveman with tan-brown hair, cat-like whiskers and hair strands, black eyebrows and black eyes and fair skin on his hands, feet and a big Neanderthal-like nose. He also wears an orange and black spotted loin cloth cape and he has a club as a weapon with a small pterodactyl in it that shoots like a jet-pack.



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