Buzz Books was a subdivision of Heinemann Young Books, who released a series of small hardcover children's books.


The following is a collection of eight books based on the original series, The Flintstones. They were written by authors Helen Lloyd (Books 1-5) and Caryn Jenner (Books 6-8), illustrated by CLIC! (Books 1-5) and Primary Design (Books 6-8) and published in 1991 and 1992.

# Cover Title Published Written by Illustrated by ISBN
1 Image0 The Trail of the Snorkasaurus 1991 Helen Lloyd CLIC! 1-85591-159-0
2 Swimming Pool Pranks Swimming Pool Pranks 1991 Helen Lloyd CLIC! 1-85591-160-4
3 The Flintstones - Fred and the Magic Cabinet - Book Cover Fred and the Magic Cabinet 1991 Helen Lloyd CLIC! 1-85591-161-2
4 Ring A Ding Ring-a-Ding! 1991 Helen Lloyd CLIC! 1-85591-162-0
5 The Flintstones - Caught in the Act - Book Cover Caught in the Act June 18, 1992 Helen Lloyd CLIC! 1-85591-218-2
6 Mistaken Indentities - Buzz Books Mistaken Identities 1992 Caryn Jenner Primary Design 1-85591-219-8
7 Image16 Time Travellers 1992 Caryn Jenner Primary Design 1-85591-220-1
8 Dinos Double Buzz Book Dino's Double 1992 Caryn Jenner Primary Design 1-85591-221-2


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