The Bedrock Police Department (known as either Bedrock Precinct or 5th Precinct) is Bedrock's police force and the main law enforcement entity of the franchise of The Flintstones.


It is the main law enforcement entity in Bedrock that includes police officers getting tickets for speeding including Fred Flintstone with his Flintmobile for example, catching and arresting dangerous and notorious criminals and protecting the city's citizens from certain danger.

There are at least three officers at the Station although in some cases large groups of officers and cars (including motorcycles and dinosaurs as vehicles including Brontosauruses for example) that are shown but none of them are named. Their headquarters is the Bedrock Police Station.

But for a period of time, Fred and his partner Barney Rubble were members as part-time police officers along with the Shmoo in the spin-off, The Flintstone Comedy Show (known as Flintstone Frolics).



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