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Bedrock is a fictional prehistoric city which is home to the citizens (known as Bedrockians or Bedrockers) and characters of the Flintstones franchise.


Though the first two seasons' opening credits of the original series stated the town's population as only 2,500 people (though it did swell to 30,000 in a dream sequence in the episode of the sixth season, "Rip Van Flintstone"), Bedrock was generally presented as a medium-sized American city, with all the amenities of such, but with a "prehistoric" twist. For instance, dinosaurs were seen being used as cranes at the town's most well-known employer, "Slate Rock and Gravel Company" (also known as "Rockhead and Quarry Cave Construction Company" in the series' earlier episodes).


Bedrock is the county seat of fictional Cobblestone County, and stated in the episode of the first-season, "The Tycoon" to be 200 feet below sea level; presumably, the nearby town of Red Rock was located in Cobblestone County as well. However, no further information was ever given for any of these locations, besides being set in a prehistoric version of the United States. Near Bedrock lies Granitetown, given in one episode as the one-time childhood hometown of Barney Rubble and Fred's boss, Mr. Slate.


The climate of Bedrock is somewhat undetermined, since different Flintstones episodes and media have portrayed it differently. Palm trees and cycads are common yard trees, suggesting a warm climate. However, episodes and movies set at Christmas time depicted plenty of snow. Sometimes the wilderness on Bedrock's outskirts appears to be desert-like, whereas at other times it resembles a tropical/subtropical jungle (as shown in the opening scenes of the 1966 animated film, The Man Called Flintstone). The people of Bedrock tend to be fairly friendly, if not without having various quirks. The denizens of Bedrock have a strong sense of civic spirit and tend to participate in various charities, parades, and so forth. The city is home to a number of service organizations, the best known of which (in the context of the spin-offs) is the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes (known as "The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs" in the series' earlier episodes), which counts among its membership including Fred and his friend, Barney.

Law and Government[]

The city's police department helps protect the residents; for a period of time, Fred and Barney were members as part-time police officers along with their partner and brief pet, Shmoo in the spin-off, The Flintstone Comedy Show. Also, their headquarters is the Bedrock Police Station.

Bedrock has also been shown as having a volunteer fire department, although the episode in which the volunteer fire department (just as introduced in the episode, "Arthur Quarry's Dance Class") was introduced suggests the uselessness of such a service in a city of stone buildings; instead, its members use it as an excuse to create a social club. However several other episodes feature a more traditional full-time firefighting service. Also located near Bedrock is Camp Millstone Army Base, where Fred and his best friend Barney Rubble were stationed after they were mistakenly inducted into the Army in the episode of the first season, "The Astra' Nuts".

Bedrock's city government played a role in the episode, "Mayor May Not", from The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show where Pebbles became the city's temporary student mayor for a week.

Regarding health care, Bedrock had the Rockopedic Hospital, where Pebbles was born.


For a town its size, Bedrock has a sizeable concentration of media. Bedrock has at least several radio stations (one of which has the call letters "BDRX"), several television stations, and several newspapers. One of Bedrock's TV stations is an affiliate of ABC (the "Abbadabba Broadcasting Company"). Later spin-offs show the people of Bedrock also enjoy cable and satellite television service.

Television programs produced in Bedrock included the cooking program, The Happy Housewife Show (which, for a time, starred Wilma) and the teen dance program Shinrock (from "Shinrock A Go-Go"). Other favorite programs of Bedrock citizens, though not produced there, include such fare as Peek-a-Boo Camera (from the episode of the same name) and variety program The Ed Sulleystone Show (from "Itty Bitty Fred").

One of Bedrock's newspapers is The Daily Granite, edited by Lou Granite in the Captain Caveman segments of The Flintstone Comedy Show. For a time, The Daily Granite employed Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble as reporters. Another newspaper is The Daily Slab (which usually ended up clobbering Fred after being "delivered" by Arnold the Newsboy).

There are also two recording companies located in Bedrock, the Keen Teen Record Company and the Flippo Record Company.

Cultural and Educational Institutions[]

In terms of educational features, Bedrock apparently has two schools, Bedrock Elementary School which Fred and his childhood friends along with Philo Quartz attended in the past from The Flintstone Kids and Bedrock High School, alma mater of Fred Flintstone, his wife Wilma, and later his daughter Pebbles along with her friends, Moonrock Crater, Wiggy Rockstone and Penny Pillar.

Universities in or near Bedrock include Prinstone University, as well as its arch rival school Shale University; both universities are members of the Poison Ivy League.

Bedrock is also not far from Oceanrock Aquarium, home of Dripper the Sealasaurus.


Businesses in Bedrock include bowling alleys, pool halls (including Boulder Dan's, which Fred and Barney almost bought), health clubs, hotels, supermarkets (including Safestone's), one catering service—Cobblestone Caterers (as the owner proclaimed, "we're the only caterer in town!"), a costume store, and an amusement park.

Several department stores service Bedrock; among them include Macyrock's (where Fred once worked as a department store Santa Claus during the Christmas season including "Christmas Flintstone" for example) and Gimblestone's (where Pebbles briefly worked as a teenager). Bedrock also features the Pyrite Advertising Agency, where Pebbles works as an adult in I Yabba-Dabba Do!.

In the first season episode, "The Tycoon" (in which Fred switches places with his double, J.P. Gotrocks), Bedrock is introduced by a narrator as having "a butcher, a baker and a pizza pie maker."


In terms of entertainment, Bedrock features a drive-in movie theater where films such as The Monster (as seen on the marquee in the original series' opening and closing credits) and Tar Wars (produced by Gorge Lucas, as seen in the 1994 live-action movie) would play. Other features include the amphitheater, the Bedrock Bowl and several nightclubs, ranging from middle-class to high-end exclusive clubs for the city's wealthy residents. The 1994 live-action movie featured the exclusive nightclub Cavern on the Green, featuring its house band, "The B.C. 52s".

In the episode, "The Big Bank Robbery", at the other end of the scale, there was The Poiple Dinosaur, a dive located by the wharf that was known for attracting seedy, criminal types.


Bedrock features plenty of dining options, including a drive-in restaurant serving brontosaurus ribs (as seen in the original series' closing credits), as well as several diners.

The two live-action films also showed Bedrock with two fast-food restauants, including RocDonald's and Bronto King.

Bedrock also has a number of upscale restaurants, including the Rockadero, Maison-LaRock and Le Chateau Rockinbleau.


Bedrock has fielded a major league baseball team, the Giants (though in an earlier episode the team is known as the Boulders). The 1981 primetime special, "Wind-Up Wilma" also shows Bedrock has a baseball team named the Dodgers.

Bedrock also features a professional football team, the Brontos.

Boxing matches are also popular in Bedrock. The episode in the third season, "Nuthin' But the Tooth" features Fred and Barney trying to see a match featuring boxer Floyd Patterstone.



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