Ann-Margrock is a beautiful Hollyrock star and celebrity and a one-time character of the episode, "Ann-Margrock Presents", featured in the fourth season of the original series, The Flintstones.



As a star and celebrity, Ann-Margrock is lovely, cute, sweet and beautiful. With the special bond and connection she has with Pebbles as a temporary babysitter throughout this episode, she is kind, compassionate, motherly, warm-hearted, helpful and gentle.

Physical Appearance

Ann-Margrock is a beautiful and slender woman with fair skin, blue eyes, red lips, red hair, and black eyebrows and eyelashes. She wears a necklace and a purple and black-spotted sleeveless dress. When she drives her purple turtle-shell car on the way from Hollyrock to Bedrock, she also wears a white sunglasses and a gold and black-spotted head wrap.

Role in the episode

Ann-Margrock comes to Bedrock for a big concert and stays with the Flintstones who does not know who she is. After a few tries, Fred and Barney both get on The Ann-Margrock Show which is located at the Bedrock Bowl.


  • Ann-Margrock is based and voiced by Ann-Margaret, the Swedish-American actress, singer and dancer of the 1960's.
  • Ann-Margrock returned in the comic story, "A Star Falls on Bedrock", featured in the seventeenth issue of The Flintstones by Gold Key Comics and loosely based on this episode.
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