Ali and Bobo are a duo of thugs, the Green Goose's henchmen, one-time characters and the secondary antagonists of the 1966 animated theatrical film, The Man Called Flintstone.


Ali and Bobo are a pair of thugs who works for the evil and villainous Green Goose as his henchmen with nefarious, devious and ruthless plans and schemes to destroy the world with the destructive and deadly "rock-inental" rocket and also take down and eliminate Fred Flintstone, mistaken for Rock Slag, once and for all.

Physical Appearance


Ali is a short and diminutive caveman with brown skin, thick black eyebrows and black eyes. He wears a red loin cloth that is held together by a bone and a primrose-purple hat.


Bobo is a tall and muscular caveman with grayish-tan skin, stubbles, thick black eyebrows, black eyes and a large nose. He wears a brown loin-cloth, a black vest and a red fez.


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