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Aired on November 5, 1964 and was the 8th episode of the 5th season.

Fred and Barney seem disappointed that their life is boring after watching Jay Bondrock's Dr. Sinister on television (a take on James Bond's Doctor No). Then when sent to the store, Fred and Barney find themselves in the Doctor Sinister story, being captured, flown to a distant island, being beaten up, almost poisoned and almost killed. Fred and Barney then manage to escape ("A Judo! Chop! Chop! Chop!") and they show up back home without the burgers and buns that they were sent to the store for. ("Madame Yes", ["I'm too important to be captured."] who puts Fred and Barney's lives in danger but always escapes, makes a cameo in the cartoon movie The Man Called Flintstone as the Green Ghoose's accomplice). The teaser is a scene from the middle of the episode.

Credited animators: Ed Love, Bill Hutten, Hicks Lokey.

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